AGV Manager

A simple, elegant and powerful solution to manage your AGV

Vizyr + Robots

Vizyr is a full solution to monitor AGV. This software make easy the deployment of AGV and the description of what they have to do. Vizyr meets the needs of industry 4.0 modularity.



This tool is made to help you manage several AGV, you can connect different models of AGV from different constructors directly into Vizyr. The training of your operators is eased, they only have to learn how to use one software.



AGV’s missions are defined by a decision tree called scenario. This simple script tells your robot what to do when the robot is turned on. Vizyr provides a scenario editor that will give you the opportunity to change what your AGV do.



Handling several AGV from only one tool will give you the chance to monitor all your machines. Vizyr includes a view to see all the AGV and their position in real time. A log system lets you follow the activity of each of your AGV.



To simplify the deployment, Vizyr can be hosted in the cloud. For no risk of down-time, Vizyr can be installed in your facilities.



Vizyr has an open and documented API. With this API you are able to expand Vizyr capabilities by connecting it to your tools : mobile app, ERP or even smart object like a call button.