Mobile robots fleet manager

Vizyr provides within a single application a way for handling the entire automation process with mobile robots.

Vizyr is a full solution to monitor AGV. This software make easy the deployment of AGV and the description of what they have to do. Vizyr meets the needs of industry 4.0 modularity.

Are you ready for industry 4.0 with mobile robots ?

Mobile robotics offers incredible solutions for automating many applications. Carry heavy loads, manage cleaning tasks or increase surveillance of sensitive sites. But all theses solutions comes with a dedicated fleet manager or no fleet manager at all. It means that if you want to add new robots, you need to multiply the way of handling them.


Customizable behaviours

To define what your robots should do, Vizyr has an editor to define missions graphically. By combining action blocks and condition blocks you can simply describe new behaviours for your robots.


Mission dispatch

Dispatch missions to your fleet with a simple API call. This means that a mission can be dispatched by any application (ERP, WMS, MES) or device that can send web requests: smartphone, smartwatche, tablet, sensor, WiFi button…


Advanced navigation

Vizyr provides a graphical editor to define how your robots should navigate in your facilities. Create one-way or two-way roads with speed limits, forbidden areas, charging stations and other special zones. You can create differents layers of map and affect each one to specific robots. Advanced navigation behaviours are also available: high speed ways, crossings, roundabouts, parking lots…